Friday, May 22, 2009

Poda Pitha-Orissa Special(recipe for raja festival)

Happy Raja festival to everyone...:-)

4 cup rice
2 cup black gram - without outer skin (chopa-chhada biri)
1 cup finely grated coconut (nadia kora)
10-15 small pieces of thin coconut slices (nadia khanda)
3 cup sugar (chini)/jaggery(guda)(I used guda)
50gm chopped ginger (kata ada)
1 table spoon ghee or refined oil(I used ghee for a better flavor)
½ teaspoon salt (luna)
1 teaspoon baking powder/baking soda
Few Cashew nut and raisins


Soak the rice and black gram in water in separate bowls for about 4 hours. If u can soak it overnight, then it'll be more good..
Wash them thoroughly. Put the black gram with water in the grinder and form a fine batter.
Do the same with rice but keep in mind that the batter should be coarse and not as fine as the batter of black gram.
Keep both the batters for 4 hours for self-fermentation.
Mix both the batters and add coconut slices, grated coconut, chopped ginger, salt, jaggery,Cashew, raisns and baking powder.
Mix all the ingredients well .
Pre-heat the microwave/pressure cooker.
Form a thin layer of oil in the surface of the cooker/baking disk.
For microwave, u can use butter paper or foil for baking...
For cooking in microwave, just bake it for 30-40 minutes.
For cooking in the cooker, pour the mixed batter into the cooker and close the lid (without mounting the whistle-weight).
Place the pressure cooker in simmer flame for about one hour.

Now poda pitha is ready.
When the cooker comes to normal temperature take out the pitha carefully, and cut it into desired shapes and serve.
Try to have it with milk+sugar, it'll give a very yummy taste...enjoy..:-)


  1. Never heard about such a dish.Thanks for sharing...

  2. Dear Mugdha
    I was searching the whole net to find out a Podo pitha recipe. I am going to try your recipe next sunday.Hope it will come of well. Cooking is my hobby.
    I was born and brought up in Orissa and want to give a surprise to my wife and daughters with traditional Oriya dishes.
    Will be looking forward to more oriya recipes( few I have already).
    aji Rahili

  3. The PoDo Pitha came out very nice, reminded me of Athgarh days Many thanks ...will try Arisha pitha next

  4. Thank u Mugdha...i have baked numerous poda pithas ..but never in a pressure cooker...that is what i was looking for...Thanks a lot

  5. Dear Mugdha,
    Wish you Happy Raja and thank you for Poda-Pitha recipe
    Prabhu Barik

  6. Thanks Mugdha.
    Happy Raja to Everyone here in the US and back home in India!!

    Let me try this one in the oven.
    If it turns out well, I'll add the method to do it in the oven.


  7. Hi Mugdha,

    Nice to see all the reciepes specially which reminds of those back home. Thanks for posting it and sharing the link .... I like cooking special dishes.... and serving it with additional decorations..........

    will try some of the dishes.

    -Deepa Giri

  8. Thanks 4 ur sweet comments dear Deepa..

  9. Very different recipe, thanks for sharing your traditional gourmets. Try submitting your blog posts to for more viewers.

  10. Thanx for ur appriciations sir...:)..

  11. Thax Mugdha Post a spacial Pitha For a Spacial Fastival Rajo....
    Thank Regards
    Pratima Giri

  12. Dear Mugdha
    Aji PoDo Pitha karibi, as per your recipe! Wish me good luck.Ha ha. Next experiment will be on Chhena PoDo , Shala pata cover dei kiri.. etiki khabar paichhi Athgarh-ru , je Suji and maida is a must to get authentic taste ...but my friend could not tell the proportion...Jali Dahi BaDa ( wayside) re 40 to 50% ata thae..I have perfected Jali Athgarh Dahi BaDa ha ha
    Bhala thiba
    Bhala thiba

  13. hi mugdha,can u plz tell me how to make chattu bhaja???? i wanna do it bt no idea so plzpost the procedure.

  14. dear mugdha,
    thanks for sharing the idea of making poda pitha.i ilke it very much but didn't know how to make it. today m going to make it.hope it will become US m going to add the flavour of Odisha. thank u again for sharing the link.

  15. These 25 authentic,unique,delicious,healthy and fuss free dishes from Orissa is sure to make every Odia proud and every non Odia plan for a trip to the land of Lord Jagannath now.

    Do share it and let the world know about our wonderful cuisine. :)

    This recipe of yours is listed in the above article. :)

  16. Thanks, your posts are very nice.

  17. Thanks Mugdha for such a nice explanation especially the braceted Odia words..
    Keep on writing like this

  18. Thanks Mugdha for such a nice explanation especially the braceted Odia words..
    Keep on writing like this


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