Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KFC Style Fried Chicken

Hello Friends, hope u all r doing gr8...KFC-The name says it all...:-)


Its long, i posted any thing in my blog, so  sorry to all of you..actually i was busy wid my kiddo, my lil darling son Bhaumik(Sonu)..So here is the hot spicy treat for U all...enjoy...:-)
I created my own website http://www.mugdhamohanty.com  , and will b updated all my things there itself...so its a request to all of U(my dear friends) to visit my site and guide me to do well..:-)

So Friends, enjoy my Hot and spicy treat for you all:- KFC Style Fried Chicken..:-)


  1. Lavish and crispy fried chicken. Never tried this method. Loved the way you have prepared it.

  2. Dear Mugdha
    Aji ete din pa-re blog kholila...but I am happy to see that I have not missed much!! Now looking for chhena PoDo and a besara recipe
    Bhala thiba


Thanx for visiting my blog,your comments will be more helpfull for me...Hope to see U again...:-)


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