Monday, May 12, 2014

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the most popular sweet in India and one of my favorites...I love the hot melt in mouth gulab jamun a lot..

The term gulab jamun comes from Persian words gol (flower) and āb (water), referring to the rosewater-scented syrup, and Urdu Jaman and Hindustani jamunan Indian fruit with a similar size and shape...

Check out the full recipe here :- Gulab Jamun

This recipe is very easy and a must to try for every sweet try out and enjoy..:-) 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kau Macha Fulakobi Tarkari

Kau Macha or climbing gouramis are so named due to their ability of climbing out of the water and walk short distances...

Kau Macha Fulakobi Tarkari

Kau macha is a yet another favorite fish from my childhood days.I love each and every item of this fish..During my childhood i ate this Kau macha fulakobi(cauliflower) tarkari made by my Grand Mom very often...I love Kau macha besara and Kau macha gota bhaja as well...:-)

Kau Macha Fulakobi Tarkari

Check the full recipe here :- Kau Macha Fulakobi Tarkari

This is a very delicious and rich in flavor curry to try with hot try it and enjoy...:-)

Dahi Torani

Dahi Torani is a very famous drink in Odia Cuisine, in which curd mixed with salt and torani(the water obtained from pakhala) which then tempered with curry leaves and mustard seed and mix with roasted cumin-chilli powder..It is a spicy, healthy, cool and delicious drink to prevent heat stroke during summer.Torani of pakhala is always my favorite and i always drink every drop of it after finishing the rice of pakhala...To make Pakhala, you can always check my previous post for Pakhala..Dahi torani is a recipe from my Late Grand Mom's try it and enjoy....:-)

Dahi Torani

Check the full recipe here :- Dahi Torani

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amrutabhanda Kasha(Raw Papaya Dry Curry)

Raw Papaya is one of nature's most abundant sources of plant enzymes. It possesses antiseptic qualities and helps prevent the abnormal proliferation of undesirable bacteria in the intestines. Raw papaya or Amrutabhanda in Odia has several benefits for skin and our health..In Odisha Amrutabhanda is a daily vegetable in every kitchen..This particular recipe is my favorite from my Mom's try it and enjoy...:-)

Amrutabhanda Kasha

Check the full recipe here :- Amrutabhanda Kasha

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shukto - My favourite and unique bengali food

Hello friends i am back again with Shukto, a mouth watering and very delicious Bengali cuisine this time to celebrate Poila Boishakh with my Bengali friends. 
Shukto is a very famous, healthy and unique Bengali cuisine which is a mix veg curry with bitter gourd . My love for this recipe begun 3 yrs back when i first came Kolkata and as a foodie went to a very famous Bengali restaurant. After having this recipe i searched all over the internet and also asked my neighbor aunty(who is a gr8 cook herself) for a better idea of making Shukto properly. I made this recipe so many time now that i even forget to count and now a days Shukto is a regular member in my cooking..All my family members love the recipe a lot so now i am sharing with you all to enjoy the yummy recipe....:-)


Check Out The Full Recipe Here :- Shukto


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