Friday, October 4, 2013

Peanut Laddoo/Chinabadam Laddoo/Moongfali Laddoo

Hello friends, wish u all are fine and now very busy in preparations and shopping in this festival time..Today i am sharing these yummy laddoos with you all and wishing you a very happy Durga Puja ahead...Wish Maa Durga bless U with all the happiness and fulfill all your dreams..:-)

Peanut Laddoo
I was a bit unwell and tensed for some days and thats why couldn't able to write anything here..I want to thank all my readers who have been my companions in my delicious journey, motivating with kind words and gently nudging me when I found myself in the state of hibernation. In the past few weeks, I have neglected replying to your messages, emails and comments. Trust me it was not intentional....I will try to answer to all your messages one at a time. I have few exciting recipes lined up for all my lovely readers which will take you to delicious heavenly place...I am back again with a sweet for you all to enjoy in this Dashera...

Peanut Laddoo

Today's recipe  is my childhood favourite sweet from my Grandmother's kitchen..The sweetness of jaggery and crunchiness of peanuts gives an instant energy to our body and comfort to our mind..This is a sweet recipe which is very healthy and having less fat...Its a very quick and yumm recipe..Check the recipe by clicking here:- Peanut Laddoo ..Hope u'll love it...:-)


Thanx for visiting my blog,your comments will be more helpfull for me...Hope to see U again...:-)


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