Friday, November 1, 2013

Moong Dal Laddoo

Diwali is round the corner and all are gearing up for the festival of lights by preparing festive treats for family and friends. So today i am sharing with you all a very quick and easy laddoo recipe that is protein rich and very delicious. 

Moong dal laddoo is a classic festival food and yet another favorite dish from my childhood days. Moong dal is very nutritious, especially for kids. 1/2 cup of moong dal is equivalent to one egg. So we can give these laddoos to our kids without any hesitation. This is a favorite sweet of my family..

Wish u all will enjoy the festival of lights..wishing u all a very Happy Diwali ahead...enjoy....:-) 

Check the full recipe here :- Moong Dal Laddoo

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Thanx for visiting my blog,your comments will be more helpfull for me...Hope to see U again...:-)


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