Friday, August 5, 2011

Amba Poda Pitha

Poda pitha, and Pura Poda Pitha are always super duper hit at my hubby wanna it always, but this time having lotss of mangoes in hand, i just wanna make one of my fav from Grandma's kitchen; i.e Amba Poda Pitha...Its little different from the original recipe, as here mango milkshake and chopped mango pieces are added to the batter..and u cant believe the taste is as always awesome...even my son(1.6 yrs) had some with more interest...So as they say, grandma's recipes and mom's recipes r always gr8, its really taste soo good...and here it goes:-


1/2 cup rice
1 cup black gram - without outer skin (chopa-chhada biri)
1/2 cup Mango milkshake or as needed
1 cup finely chopped mangoes
1 1/2 cup sugar (chini)/jaggery(guda)
3-4 green cardamom(crushed)
Few chopped Dry fruits
2 tsp of black pepper powder
ghee or refined oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp Baking soda


Soak the rice and black gram in water in separate bowls for about 4-6 hours.
Wash them thoroughly and grind the rice to a coarse paste and grind the grams to a fine paste...
Do not use much water for grinding..
Mix together both the batters by adding mango milkshake as needed to make a smooth and thick batter..
Add mango pieces, dryfruits, salt, sugar/jaggery,black pepper powder, crushed cardamom and baking soda to the batter and mix well.
Keep it covered for about 1 hour for self-fermentation.

Pre-heat the microwave/pressure cooker.
Form a thin layer of oil/ghee in the surface of the cooker/baking disk.
Add a layer of the batter about 1-2 cm thick.
Spread ghee over it.
For cooking in microwave, just bake it for 30-40 mins.

For cooking in the pressure cooker, cook it by closing the lid (without mounting the whistle-weight).
Place the pressure cooker in simmer flame for 40-50 mins.
Now poda pitha is ready.

When the pitha comes to normal temperature take it out carefully, and cut it into desired shapes.
Serve like this or with milk and ripe mango pieces, dalma, kheer or any other curry of ur choice.... enjoy..:-)

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  1. wow...this looks so delicious n very new recipe to me....too tempting recipe....can't wait to try it out :)nice presentation too..

  2. Very new recipe to me...looks delicious..

  3. wow, sounds amazing. Very new recipe and loving all the pics :)

  4. this is a very different dish...sounds really yum...

  5. Pitha looks awesome and delicious. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. hi mugdha, many thanks for your kind visit, appreciate it very much.
    what is black gram dear? dont know whether this is available in malaysia, must go look for it.
    i love mangoes and this recipes looks delicious, would like to give it a try

  7. I like this recipe. Came out really well. Must try.


  8. This one is very new for me. Pitha looks so delicious....

  9. That's a yummy dish...As you said grandma's and mom's recipes are always a hit.

  10. This is very new to me. Sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing Mughda.

  11. Interesting!!! They have come out perfect...Will try this out soon!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. wow dear i hav nvr tried this recipe....but Looks yummy and will try soon.

  13. This sounds very interesting, looks delicious. Thanks Mugdha for visiting me and for your nice words. Happy to follow you :)

  14. Hey Mughdha...This a new recipe for me...Looks good...

  15. Totally new recipe to me, I'm sure it can win the heart of anyone. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  16. Very interesting and totally new one to me. Looks fantastic.

  17. Now this is something completely new to me but I know I am going to love this ~ thanks for sahring Mugdha :)
    Us Masala

  18. Thanx a lott 2 all of u for ur lovely words...:)

  19. Thats a very new recipe to me. But looks so yum... Thanks for dropping by and for ur lovely comments. U have a lovely space. Happy to follow u.

  20. Nice recipe, very new for me.

    You have a lovely space dear, liked your awesome recipes. Glad to follorw you. Do stop by mine when you are free.


  21. very new kind of recipe...looks delicious and appetizing.

    Trail for my latest updates at

  22. This is such a new and amazing recipe.. WOw.. liked it :)


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