Friday, November 26, 2010

Budha Chakuli(A Sweet Variation to Set Dosa of South)

Budha Chakuli is a thick pitha/cake made of black gram dal& rice batter mix with jaggery,cottage cheese/paneer(chhena) and grated coconut.It is a very well known recipe of Orissa.


1 Cup Black Gram Dal(Biri)
1 Cup Rice(Arua Chaula)
2 Cardamoms(Crushed)(Ilaichi/Gujurati)
1 Coconut(Nariyal/Nadia)(Grated)
1 Cup Cottage Cheese/Paneer(Chhena)
If u could use Dahi chhena(Paneer made from Curd),it will be more good for taste.
1 Cup Sugar(Chini)/Jaggery(Guda)
1'' Ginger(Minced)(Adrakh/Ada)
Salt to Taste


Soak the dal & rice in water for 4-5 hours.
Grind to make a smooth batter.
Keep it 1hr for self formentation by adding salt & baking soda.
Mash the Cottage cheese/Paneer/Dahi Chhena properly.
Mix grated coconut,Sugar/jaggery & crushed cardamoms to it
Heat a pan and fry the above mixture for 5-10mins.
Mix it with minced ginger to the batter.
Heat ghee  in a Tawa.
Pour the batter to make a thick round shape.
Add some ghee over it and turn upside down.
Budha Chakuli is ready to serve.
Serve it with Milk or any curry of your choice.

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  1. Wao this is how the Budha chakuli is made!!! Actually I was off blog since 21st Nov, so I missed so many of your recipes. I am going to make it soon.
    Bhala thiba


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