Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dahi Chhena and Its Stuffing to use in Pitha

My Grandma always makes pitha by using dahi chena as stuffing...and its awesome for taste...i always wonder how she makes this...its actually very easy like making chena/paneer from milk.


Just take curd in a Heavy bottomed  pan.
Whip it properly.
Now cook it by reducing the heat.
It will start to curdle and you will see the lumps of curds seperated from the yellow water like substance.
Cook it till you see a round shaped substance inside.
Take a muslin cloth and put this thick mass in it and hold all sides of the muslin cloth and twist the cloth to squeeze the thick mass.
You will see the water oozing out of the muslin cloth.
We need to press this hard to make it into a thick paneer.
Dahi Chena is ready..

It tastes a bit while using this as stuffing,we have to mash it properly.
Then fry it with jaggery and grated coconut .
The Dahi chena stuffing is ready..
Serve it as a sweet dish or use it as stuffing to make pitha...

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  1. Dear Mugdha
    Got the detailed I can remember the taste of Manda pitha with chhena stuffing, a little sourish!!
    Have a nice weekend


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