Friday, May 22, 2009

Arisha Pitha-Orissa Special


2 cups rice
1 cup+2tbsp jaggery (guda)
Ghee/refined cooking oil for frying


Soak the rice in water for overnight or 6-7hrs.
Wash it thoroughly and drain all the water.
Keep the rice in room temperature to dry by spreading it on tissue paper for about 30 minutes.
Grind it to make fine powder
Heat the handi or kadhai and add jaggery.
As you go on stirring on medium flame, it forms a syrup.
The syrup should be of one string.
Slowly add rice powder to the syrup and stir continuously to form a semi solid batter.
Take the batter in small portions and flatten the same with the help of your palms in the shape of small thick puris. Fry them in ghee/oil till done.
Take them out and serve hot.
The pitha also tastes great when served after cooling.
You may also preserved it in room temperature for about 3-4 weeks.


  1. it is one of my favourite
    thanks mugdha for sharing ur ideas

  2. its my favorite sweet.... means Arisha pitha... kash me orissa me hota..........

  3. I tried this, but its breaking into powder after putting into oil. Any idea,why?

  4. Yummm... I tried it! it is a hit! thank you!!!

  5. In my first attempt I was not successful but later I done it.

  6. it is my favourite.


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