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Sarapuli is among the heavenly recipes (Mahaprasad) offered at Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri...
It is a melt in mouth type desert, prepared from thick creams...cream is known as sara in oriya, so the name is sarapuli...i had it long back during my childhood,but never forgot the today im sharing this yummy desert of my Lord with all of u..:-)


1 litre Milk
50 gm Ghee
100 gm Very Thick Milk
U can also use condensed milk of same amount as me..:-)
For Syrup:- 100ml Water + 250gm Sugar + 1 tsp Cardamom powder


Place the milk in a heavy buttomed panand boil continuously until a thick layer of cream/malai/sara forms on top.
Skim of the cream and continue the process till no more cream is formed..
Allow the cream to cool and mix it properly with the thick milk or condensed milk.
If the milk remained is enough thick as the consistency of condensed milk, then u can use it for further use in place of condensed milk...
Some people also use 1-2tsp of all purpose flour(maida) with thick milk and cream...but i dint use it to follow the authenticity...

Then heat lil ghee in a pan.
Pour 1 tbsp of the cream mixture to the pan and let it spread by its own..
When it is nicely browned, remove it and keep aside.
As these sarapulis are so soft, u must have to take extra care while removing it..
Repeat the process till the mixture is over.

To prepare syrup:-
Bring the water to boil along with the sugar and cardamom powder.
Stir it continuously till the sugar dissolves.
Let it boil for a few more minutes, remove from heat and strain.

Dip the fried cream cakes in the syrup and remove in a plate..
Here also u have to take extra care while removing else it'll break...
Serve hot...U can hav it chilled, but it tastes yumm while hot...soo try it and enjoy..:-)


  1. Ummmmm.... though I amn't able to recall surely if I have ever tasted this one at Puri but going by your procedure explained here, I am sure it would be tasting heavenly.... And by the look of it, it seems an easy (though requires a bit pf patience I guess) to prepare sweet dish.
    How I wish I could have this one right now, chutki bajaate hi :D :D Thanks Mugdha for sharing this recipe :))
    Best Wishes :))

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  3. Wow...Reading through the recipe itself I am drooling here...must try it...sounds very very yum

  4. Thanks for sharing the recipe of Mahaprasad. Love it.

  5. hey this is very reminds the pithe-puli my mom used to make during makar this a lot :)
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  6. very unique one..pancakes with no flour,sounds delicious..

  7. It does look creamy n melt in mouth kind delicious ~ reminds me of malpua, thanks for sharing this wonderful authentic recipe Mugdha!

  8. Looks like very authentic recipe. First time coming across such special prasadam and happy to know abt it.


  9. this is very new to me...recipe sounds interesting and delicious one...

  10. This looks so good, I have to try so many of your lovely recipes and this one I think will be the first one.

  11. wow hv not heard abt this one. too good..

  12. This recipe is new to me..Looks soft & yummy!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  13. This looks awesome......Will be trying it soon..

  14. Wow.. it really looks like the melt in the mouth kinda dish.. Yummy :D

  15. this is dish is very new to me...loooks too good..

  16. Sarapuli is something I'd love to eat! This looks heavenly (maybe that's why it is offered to heavenly Gods, isn't it?)

  17. Looks super delicious and fabulous..

  18. The prasad looks delicious & I can feel the taste of them...

  19. this is a new dish to me...thanks for sharing this authentic dish

    -Aarthi @munchmunchcrunchcrunch


  20. Sarpuli is one of my favourites anytime...looks delicious!

  21. My first time here. .Loved the dessert :)
    You have a wonderful blog

  22. Dear Mugdha
    How are you? I have never eaten this one...I ate Baleswar Malpua made from very thin Maida+ milk Batter ..I shall try your recipe , it is new for me...I think I should be able to remove the sarapuli with a cooking chop stick...
    need to generate some Malai

  23. Really a yummy dish..thanks for sharing..will must try it


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