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Malpua is an Indian pancake served as a dessert or a snack..and this is my posting for celebrating the last day of the Raja Festival...will post one more recipe(janta podapitha) later for this festival...but now i am posting this sweet and very famous recipe for malpua..This delicious dish made of maida (refined flour) and milk melts in the mouth  for satisfying your sweet cravings...hope everyone will like it...:)
and here it goes:-


1 litre milk or 250 ml evaporated milk

4 table spoon maida (all purpose flour)
2 cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder
2 tsp fennel Seeds
Ghee for frying
(U can also use refined oil but deshi ghee increases the taste)


Boil milk in heavy bottomed broad pan on medium flame,stir continuously till it reduced to 1/4 quantity.
Add maida once the milk gets cool.
Mix well and make a batter of pouring consistency like the thick ice cream shake.
Keep it aside for 2-3 hours by adding fennel seeds with it.
In a pan add sugar and take enough water to soak sugar,boil it and make the sugar syrup of one string.
To achieve this, keep boiling the syrup until a drop of syrup leaves one string between your thumb and finger.
Add cardamom powder to the sugar syrup.

Heat ghee in the shallow small frying pan.
Now pour some batter with the ladle to form a malpua.
(approximately of the size of small pancake or poori)
When you pore the batter in the center of pan, automatically it will take the shape of circle.
Fry both the sides till it becomes light golden brown in color.

Soak the malpua in sugar syrup for 1 min,drain and serve hot.
U can serve malpua with some rabri and dry fruits on the top.


Do not confuse evaporated milk with condensed milk its different.
If you are using evaporated milk add refined flour directly to the milk,no need of boiling.
If u reheat the malpua in microwave,do it for only 10 seconds.

*Sending this to Ayeesha's Any One Can Cook: series 21


  1. I have heard of this Malpua.. Sounds yummy..

  2. Love malpuas anytime,havent had since a long,inviting..

  3. Delicious looking malpua. Looks very inviting.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Yummo !!! My favorite, I too posted a malpua recipe today. I made it over the weekend :)

  5. Interesting to know about your festivals and your tips are very useful. Thank you for linking this delicious recipe with Any One Can Cook :)

  6. Perfect malpuas ~ hubby loves these!
    US Masala

  7. the shapes of the malpuas are perfect......lovely recipe :)...first time here.....happy to follow you :)

  8. lovely malpuas.....
    First time to ur lovely blog...Glad to follow u


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