Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tawa Naan

Naan is a favourite of all Indians...usually made in tandoor or oven can also be made on tawa in home, which we called as Tawa Naan...


1.5 cups lukewarm water

2 tsp Curd-beaten
3/4 tbsp yeast
3 and 1/4 cups of all purpose flour
1 tsp sugar
A generous pinch of salt
2 tsp nigella seeds-kala jeera


Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add beaten curd and mix well.
Add in sugar, salt , kala jeera and the flour, incorporate well until a sticky dough is formed.
(Bring the mixture together with your fingers. No need to knead. You'll be left with a sticky mass of dough)
Set aside covered for 20-30 mins.
I left it alone for around 20 minutes and it almost doubled..
The dough will be sticky and very elastic. Dig your hand in some flour and tear off a peach-sized piece and  transfer  it to a floured surface.
Shape into oval shaped nans with help of rolling pin if necessary.
Make sure there are no holes in the nan once you are done rolling it out.

Heat tawa on high heat, brush on some ghee or oil, lower the heat to medium and lay the nan on carefully.

Flip over in about 2 mins when the first side starts browning.
Cook closed for 30 seconds to a minute now, depending on the thickness of your nan.
Serve hot with any veg or non veg dish of ur choice...
I served it with chicken jagatpuri and its a real treat...


  1. Tawa naan sounds interesting, will try out soon..

  2. Delicious and easy tawa naan. Looks perfect.

  3. First time here dear !! u have excellent blog with nice collection of recipes !! Happy to follow u !!

    Naan looks perfect and very tempting !!

  4. Delicious and very easy to prepare naan.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Naan looks yummy..will definitely make it when i cook butten chicken the next time!!!

  6. lovely tawa naans, dear perfect with a hot paneer dish :))

  7. Love the idea of making it on tawa. Came out beautifully !!!

  8. Even I had posted a recipe for tawa naan on my blog..this looks great and perfect!

  9. Tawa naan looks so perfect and yummy .. Following you for more yummy stuff :)

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