Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bread wali bhel poori


 8 Bread Slices
 ½ cup Potatoes (boiled & chopped)
 ½ cup Cucumber (chopped)
 ½ cup Onion (chopped)
 ¼ cup Tomato (chopped)
 ¼ cup Peanuts (roasted)
 4 Green Chili (chopped)
 ¼ cup Fresh Coriander (chopped)
 ½ cup Sev
 ½ cup Gol Gappas
 6 tbsp Sweet Tamarind Chutney
 6 tbsp Mint or Coriander Chutney
 2 tbsp Lime Juice
 Oil to shallow fry
 Salt to taste


Take the bread slices and cut them into small pieces.

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the bread pieces till they turn crispy brown.

Take out the bread pieces and drain the excess oil on an absorbent paper.

Put the fried bread pieces in a bowl. Add potatoes, cucumber, onions, tomato, green chili, peanut, and salt to it. Mix them well.

Now, lightly crush the gol gappas and add them to the above. Also add tamarind chutney, green chutney and lime juice. Mix them well.

Sprinkle sev on the top of the mixture. Garnish it with coriander leaves.

Bread wali bhel poori is ready to serve.

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