Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kanti Pitha

A well known and very tasty recipe of Lord Baladev of Baladev jiu Temple at Kendrapada,Orissa .


4 cups rice soaked over night in water
4 cups finely grated coconut
4 cups milk
3 cups jaggery(guda)
1 cup dryfruit(kismis,kaju)
3-4 cardamoms (crushed)
3 tbspoon ghee
1/2 tspoon salt
Water as required


Grind rice & coconut with milk to make a smooth and fine batter(Add water if necessary)
Mix the batter with salt,jaggery,crushed cardamoms and dryfruits.
Keep it covered for 1 hr.
Heat Pan.
Pour the mixture and stir it continuosly until you get a thick dough.
Pre heat the microwave/pressure cooker.
Form a layer of ghee in the surface of the cooker or baking disk.
For cooking in microwave cook it for 40 mins.
For cooking in cooker por the dough and close the lid without mounting the whistle weight.
Now place the cooker in simmer for about 1hr.

Now Kanti Pitha is ready but dont it when hot.
When it comes to room temperature, take out the pitha carefully and cut it in your desired shape.


  1. Dear Mugdha
    Is this pitha also called Atakali?
    I am looking for the recipe of Atakali pitha made during BaDa Osha

  2. Hi Ushnish
    Its not atakali...its kanti pitha..
    Will write the recipe of atakali soon...


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