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KANIKA  is one of the most favourite dish of mine from my childhood days...It is among the famous MAHAPRASAD  in Jagannath Temple.

[ In most temples of India, devotees may take "PRASAD", holy food that has been offered to the deities. But only here in Jagannath Puri is this blessed food called "MAHAPRASAD''. "MAHA" has two meanings here. First, it means great. Lord Jagannath is described as MAHA PRABHU, the Lord with the great arms. MAHA BAHU, and the family name of one of the main groups of worshippers is MAHAPATRA. So this word MAHAPRASAD itself gives us the impression of something great.The second meaning of MAHAPRASAD is "MA-PRASAD". for the main thali must be taken to Mother Bimalas temple and returned and mixed in all the other pots offered before it is considered fit to be "eaten" by Lord Jagannath. ]

I must tell u that there is a  variation of this authentic recipe, which used generally in marriages , threading ceremony and in many festive occasions in Orissa. It is a sweet Pulao with  a strong fragrance of nutmeg, cardamom and clove..u can eat it with side dishes like the famous Besara, Mahura, Dahi -Baigan, Dalma, tomato / Mango Khatta etc.....

Here i am writing the authentic style of the KANIKA...Its actually a very easy to make, sweet and delicious recipe.....


Basmati rice -  2 Cups(Soak for 30 min)
Sugar - 1/2-1 Cups
Water - 4 Cups
Kismis/raisins  - 10
Cashew nut - 6
Cardamom - 2-4 (green)

Cloves - 4
Ghee - 6 tbsp
1-2 tsp Sugar (for the colouring)
salt to taste


Wash rice and drain it .
In a Cooker heat ghee, add 1-2 tsp of sugar mentioned for colouring and wait until the sugar has turned into a rich brown syrup.
Now add the rice, cardamoms, cloves, raisins, and cashew  nuts to it and stir fry for 3-4 min..
Then add the 1/2-1 cup sugar with water into it. (Water should be double the amount of rice )
Mix and cook in high flame until 1 whistle, then cook in simmer for 5 minutes more or up to another whistle.

Leave the cooker to cool..Open the lid and take out the delicious Kanika out in a  plate.
Garnish it with Cashew nuts and raisins..
Serve hot or cold with or without any curry...

*Sending this authentic and yummy recipe for Nivedita and Priya's Celebrate Sweets - Sweets With Rice


  1. Delicious Kanika, thanks for sending to CS..

  2. My favourite...its really yummy...:)

  3. Thanks Dear....Kanika was very tasty..I love this item too....Trimay

  4. This sounds and looks delicious.

  5. Hallo, Today i prepared Kanika by following your recipe. it worked and i found it tasty. thanks very much.


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