Monday, April 25, 2011

Saru Chakuli(Similar to plain Dosa)

The thinner variety (similar to plain dosa) is called saru chakuli in Orissa. You have to use a little more batter and make thicker pithas in the shape of pancakes to prepare what is called just chakuli. Tastes great if served with dalama, chutney,sambar or kheer/khiri.


2 cups rice (arua chaula)

1 cup black gram (biri dali)
salt to taste (luna)


Soak rice and black gram together in water for overnight.
For this purpose you should use only the skinless black gram.
Grind the softned rice and black gram to a fine paste. Add salt.
Then add water to get a semiliquid batter and whip well.
Heat tawa  (non-stick tawa is most suitable) on medium flame.
Spread a litle oil on the tawa. Lower the flame.
Take the batter in a big spoon and spread the same on the tawa as is done while preparing dosa or omelette.
Sprinkle some oil on top and the surrounding of the pitha.Turn the pitha upside down.
Then take the same out carefully.
Remember to grease the surface of tawa with  oil once every two or three pithas.

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