Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Atta Chakuli

This Cake/pitha is a very popular and yummy breakfast ......mainly prepared  during the CHAITRA MAGALABAR as a bhog to Goddess Maa Durga...


  • Atta ( Wheat flour ) - 300 gm
  • Suji ( Rava ) - 75 gm
  • Chini ( Sugar ) - 200 gm
  • Pan Mahuri ( Aniseeds) - 2tsp
  • Dahi chhena stuffing - 4tbsp(Optional)(in place of this u can use only grated coconut)
  • Ripe Banana-2(smashed)
  • Ghee/Refind Oil - As per requirement
  • Salt  - As per requirement 


  • Add Wheat flour, rava, sugar, aniseeds, dahi chhena stuffing or grated coconut, banana,salt as per taste and required water to make a semi liquid batter. Whip well and keep it for 30 mins.
  • Heat tawa (non stick will be better) on a medium flame.
  • Spread a little ghee/oil (1tps) on the tawa.
  • Take the batter in a tablespoon and spread it on the tawa like a dosa.
  • Turn the pitha upside down after 1 min.
  • When turns golden brown from each side, remove it from tawa.
  • Serve hot.

*Sending this yummy recipe to Kirthi And Helen's Breakfast Club Event:-

and Breakfast Mela Hosted by- Cooking 4 all Seasons


  1. Atta chakuli looks fantastic and yummy..

  2. Thanks for taking part in Breakfast Club. The event now has its own page, with links to all the round ups and the current month's challenge


    Lovely pancakes!


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